Doing work to your home can be a daunting process. There is always the risk of things going wrong or being out of a bathroom or kitchen for weeks longer than expected. That’s why finding a home builder can make all the difference in the world.

Before starting your next project, be sure to ask all of your potential New Jersey home builders these six questions:

Can you provide me with an itemized bid?

This can seem like an obvious step but many customers don’t think about it. When you hire a home builder, they are doing a lot of different things for you – demolition, electrical work, tiling, drywall, painting, etc. You want to make sure you know exactly what they are doing and how you are being charged for them. Additionally, having a broken down list will help you compare contractor’s pricing as well as assist you in deciding which part of the project you want to keep and which to cut. It will also prove handy if anything is added to the project. Home builders should have no problem providing this list so consider it a red flag if there is resistance.

Is this price estimated or fixed?

You need to know what you’re getting yourself into when you start a home project. Hiring a home builder is no cheap expense so knowing if a bid is an estimate or fixed price can help you make a decision about who to hire. If your home builder can give you a fixed price then you know exactly what to expect. An estimated price leaves you hanging. Many things can go wrong during home improvement so it won’t take much for your estimated price to rise. If your home builder can’t give you a fixed price, try to eliminate some of the unknowns from your project. Project scopes involving opening up a wall or examining a crawl space can cause home builders to hold back on a fixed price.

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What is the project schedule?

You need more than just a start and end date. You need to know when items, such as tile or counter-tops, will be delivered and what days and time there will be workers at your home. This will make the whole constructor process much easier for you.

Who are your main suppliers?

You can find out a lot about home builders through their suppliers. They build relationships and networks with their suppliers so suppliers don’t only know the contractor well, but they know the contractors’ past customers well. You can ask suppliers about the contractor’s reputation and reliability. It’s vital to know this information before getting started with someone who will be working on your home.

Can I meet the job foreman?

Constructor works have multiple jobs at once. The job foreman, however, will be the one working on your project every day. He is the most important guy on your construct team so it is a good idea to meet him. If you want a really good idea of his work, meet him while he is at another job. This will also help your home builder know how seriously you are taking this project and give them and extra incentive to assign you one of his best foreman.

Do you have any concerns about my project?

Nothing ever goes as perfectly as planned. Don’t be afraid to ask your home builder what concerns he has. This will give you a better idea of what to expect. Instead of hearing bad news and being shocked when the project comes to that point, you’ll be prepare and ready to deal with worst-case-scenario situations.

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These questions will help you understand the home builder’s reputation, scope of work, potential problems and of course pricing. Make sure you’re putting your home in the best hands possible. If you have any upcoming projects and need a New Jersey home builder contact us today for an estimate.