Some call it the Garden State. Others simply call it ‘The Shore’. But a lucky few of us have the privilege of calling it home.

New Jersey is a fantastic place to live, as the nearly 9 million residents of this great state would attest. For those looking to build a luxury home, New Jersey affords a wealth of powerful incentives to encourage prospective New Jersey luxury home buyers to ‘plant roots’ in the Garden State.

So, what makes New Jersey such a great place to build your luxury home?


The importance of eduction cannot be overstated. The quality of your child’s education will be the single greatest factor in determining their lifelong professional success. New Jersey schools provide their students with one of the very best educations our country has to offer. New Jersey schools earn top marks in annual educational quality rankings year after year. And a bevy of private K-12 learning institutions provide accepted students with an even higher quality of learning.


New Jersey is a shoppers paradise. The Garden State has more malls per square mile than any other state in the country and a huge variety of national brand outlet stores stretching from the beach-front boulevards of Atlantic City to bustling thoroughfares of Tinton Falls. Whether your tastes lean toward the classical or the modern, the luxurious or the the thrifty, somewhere in New Jersey there is the perfect store for you.

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Proximity to Major Metropolitan Areas

For those who work in Manhattan or Philadelphia who want to go home to somewhere a little less busy, New Jersey offers a perfect compromise. A luxury home in New Jersey lets you live close to major cities like New York and Philly without the cost and hassle of actually living there. Admittedly, there is an undeniable excitement and energy to living in a big city, but for those looking for a bit more charm and comfort, New Jersey is the place to be!

The Famous Jersey Shore

Forget that gosh-awful reality T.V. show, the Jersey Shore is magical place! With endless miles of white sand beaches, countless amusement parks, boardwalks, and other diversions, unbeatable night life, incredible fishing, and some of the best eateries on the East Coast, the Jersey Shore has something for everyone. Living close to the Jersey Shore is like having an on-call vacation destination that you can visit anytime.

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Experienced Luxury Home Builders

And of course, one of the best reason to build a luxury home in New Jersey is the quality of workmanship offered by New Jersey luxury home builders like D.E.N.J., Inc. D.E.N.J. is a luxury home builder in New Jersey with over 25 years of experience and 250 custom build homes to their credit. For those looking to stake their claim in New Jersey, luxury homes from D.E.N.J., Inc. are the clear choice.