Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. For those prospective homeowners who opt to have a custom home built, the investment is even larger, as is the risk. But the benefits of homeownership are many, and by making smart choices when building a home you can fortify your investment and ensure that you reap its dividend for years to come.

While considerations like location, styling, and built-in amenities are all very important considerations for homeowners looking to build a custom home, one of the most important decision to make is choosing the right home builder. There are no shortage of options for prospective homeowners looking for a New Jersey home builder. But what New Jersey home builder is right for you? What construction firm is best equipped to ensure a safe return on your investment?

While every homeowner’s situation is different, there are certain universal metrics that any prospective home owner should consider when evaluating a New Jersey home builder.


You wouldn’t trust a first-year med student to perform a heart by-pass, so why choose an inexperienced construction firm to build your new home? Experience and know-how go a long way in the residential construction field. Home construction is a complex and intricate process involving the collaborative efforts of professionals and artisans across several disciplines. An experienced construction firm is skilled in managing the multifaceted labor demands of a home construction project. This greater experience translates into shorter build times, higher value per dollar, and of course, better final results and higher customer satisfaction.

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Past Work

A New Jersey home builder’s body of past work should be a deciding factor for a prospective homeowner. Request to see examples of past builds completed by any construction firms you might be considering. This will allow you to judge the quality of workmanship and finished products the firm delivers. Additionally, read client testimonial if any are available. See what previous home buyers have to say about their experiences and their overall satisfaction. Considering the amount of money that will be tied up in your new home, you’ll want to be sure that you are comfortable with the quality of your new home, and reviewing a New Jersey home builder’s past work is one of the best ways ensure your satisfaction.

Vendor Relationships

Building a new home requires the cooperation of many professionals, and a construction firm that retains positive relationships with their vendors can make that cooperation seamless while saving the home buyer money. Good vendor relations don’t just happen, they are built upon years of cooperation. You want to be sure that the construction firm you choose has the kinds of relationships with their vendors that guarantee a smooth work-flow and unimpeded delivery of materials.

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Go With A Pro

D.E.N.J., Inc, is a second generation New Jersey home builder with over 25 years of experience in building custom and luxury homes in New Jersey and the surrounding tri-state area. With over 250 custom homes to our credit, we have plenty of past work and satisfied customers to attest to the quality of our construction. We maintain consistently positive relationships with our vendors, ensuring that your build gets completed without a hitch. If your looking for a New Jersey home builder that checks off all the boxes, look no further than D.E.N.J., Inc.