For those in the market for a new home, buying a custom home in New Jersey offers numerous benefits over purchasing an existing unit. First and foremost, purchasers of a custom home in New Jersey have the opportunity to customize their new home to their own unique specifications. But the benefits of a custom home don’t stop there. Check out this short list detailing the many benefits of custom home design.

Customer Satisfaction

No two homeowners are alike. When you buy an existing home, you’re buying a home built around another person’s unique needs and wants, rather than your own. With a custom home, you are the final word in every design decision, from the carpets to the counter-tops to the lighting. And when you’re the one calling all the shots, your satisfaction is nearly guaranteed. When you build a custom home in New Jersey, there’s never a need to compromise.

Energy Efficiency

When you build your custom home in New Jersey from the ground up, you have ample opportunities to implement energy efficient features into your new home. Water saving toilets and sinks, energy efficient appliances, and high quality insulation and windows can be installed in your custom home at costs well below what a retrofit would run you.

custom home in new jersey


Maybe you’re a car enthusiast who needs a jumbo sized garage to store your fleet. Maybe you’re a collector of memorabilia who needs a little extra room to display their collection. Maybe your a workout nut and need some extra space to house your personal gym. Whatever your unique needs, a custom home in New Jersey can be built with any extras you might want.

Special Needs

Retrofitting an existing home to be handicap or wheelchair accessible can be a costly endeavor. But for home buyers who opt for a custom home in New Jersey, any special needs they have can be addressed and accessibility features can be incorporated right into the initial design. Wider doors, wheelchair ramps, stairway lifts and other accessibility options can be installed during the construction phase and save the home owner the cost of having them installed later.

custom home in new jersey

Resale Value

Buying a home is a major investment, the biggest many people will make, and building a custom home in New Jersey provides a home owner with an excellent rate of return. A custom home in New Jersey that is built to modern construction standards will hold its value better that an existing property, allowing you to set a higher asking price on your home should you decide to sell it.

Lower Maintenance Costs

A custom home in New Jersey requires much less initial maintenance than an existing home. All fixtures, pain, flooring, and electronic work is guaranteed to be brand new, and future maintenance can easily be tracked. With an existing property, appliances and HVAC systems may need repair or replacement and the condition of internal components like plumbing and electrical wiring may be difficult to ascertain, let alone repair.

custom home in new jersey

If you do decide to take the path of building a custom home in New Jersey, make sure you choose a reputable home builder. D.E.N.J. Inc. is a custom home builder in New Jersey with over 25 years of experience and over 150 custom homes to their credit. Call our expert home designers today and get the ball rolling on your dream home.