It’s time for your dream home. You’ve built up a savings, earned this home and are now dreaming big. You’ve decided to settle for nothing less than everything you want in your home. You’ve browsed the usual real estate sites, attended dozens of open houses and nothing is fitting your dream. Hiring a custom home builder might be the way to get you into your dream home.

Custom homes are built with your dream in mind

One of the problems with buying an already built home is that it was built for someone else. Whether they followed a predetermined blueprint or custom built some other persons dream house, this house was not designed with your dreams in mind. If that’s the case you might end up bending or changing your dream to suit the needs of the house you wanted. With a custom built home, your imagination is the blueprint.

Custom home builders know the land

If you want to build your dream home, a custom home builder is going to know the exact size shape and specifications needed for your home. Your dream home can’t be built on any sliver of land. What would be terrible would be to have a piece of land only to find out the home you want to build on it is not buildable land. Large parts of New Jersey are at or below sea level and require elevated construction to avoid catastrophic damage, like that seen after Superstorm Sandy. Your custom home builder is going to know exactly where and how to build the home you want on the land you want.

Custom home builders can stay within budget

The great thing about hiring a custom builder is you will be able to dream and discuss the costs of building with someone who has built custom homes before. Your custom home can have all the latest and greatest technological advancements, both in the building process and in the design of your air conditioning and heating systems. The prices of these can be discussed and set so that you stay within budget before ground is broken. Even a home built five years ago has changing building codes and aging. Your custom home will not have those problems and you’ll know the cost on day one.

Custom home builders can design for the climate you’re in

A custom built home on the beach can be designed for enjoyment in the summer and endure a winter down the shore as well. Your dream home needs to work year round and the climate in New Jersey is different than other climates. A local custom home builder can build a home that works in New Jersey year round.

Custom built homes have a higher resale value

Dreams and situations change. The dream home you bought for you and the kids might not be necessary as the kids go off to college. You dream could change in retirement years. A custom built home has resale value that traditionally built homes. A custom built home has more than a generic level of workmanship.

Custom homes are built with warranties

Just like a brand new car, a brand new home comes with a builder’s warranty. A brand new house is going to be years away from needing necessary repair and upkeep of an already built home.

DENJ doesn’t just build custom houses, they build livable homes. They have designed and built over 350 custom homes, with more than 25 years of home building experience. They provide a wide array of services from expert planning to peerless finishing work, they will provide you with a premier custom home building experience from start to finish. When you want to begin turning your dream into a reality contact DENJ or call them at 1-732-800-3040