Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of devastation across the state. If you are an owner of commercial properties in New Jersey (NJ), you may have incurred damage to your commercial properties during the storm that still hasn’t been properly fixed.

Commercial property damage can be a hassle, both business and household tenants are looking for the damage to be repaired as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of interruption to their daily lives. It’s because of this that the RREM program was created, and pathway B contractors were formed to help repair the damage left over from the storm.

The RREM program pathway B is for people in the RREM program who want a property owner-selected contractor to help rebuild their home in NJ.

In this case the owners of selected commercial properties may want a specific contractor to repair their property instead of having one selected by the state.

Those in pathway B cannot collect rental assistance from their builders unless it was already negotiated in their contract with their builder. They are encouraged to seek rental assistance from long-term recovery groups and other non-profit organizations should they need it.


So, you want to select your own contractor. Here are three questions to ask yourself when making that decision:

Does the Pathway B Contractor Understand Your Situation?

The contractor needs to be able to understand the building layout and the damage that happened to your property during the storm. If Are they clear about what damage occurred to your property, and are they knowledgeable about how to fix it?

There are multiple types of damage that could have happened to your property during hurricane Sandy. You could have incurred water damage, damage from impact or wind damage to name a few.

A bigger picture understanding is necessary for a contractor to understand the best and most efficient way to go about repairing the damage to your home. Make sure you walk your contractor through exactly what needs repair and what is the most pressing item on the agenda.

Do they have a full understanding of the RREM program?

You are going to need to submit some paperwork to be completely ready to start construction on your new home. It’s your responsibility to manage all of this, and you should make sure everything is verified and complete before you even begin searching for a contractor. Still, your contractor should be knowledgeable about this process. Is the construction person that you chose knowledgeable about these procedures?

If the contractor you are talking to is not familiar enough with the RREM program, they may not be able to assist you with procedural issues should problems arise. They need to know that you are approved for the program. You don’t want them doing work that you can’t later pay for.

Are they good at what they do?

This one is a bit obvious – but you want a contractor who is good at what they do. Aside from the RREM program, you want a contractor who knows what he or she is doing during the repair of your commercial properties.

Check out some of their previous work. What does the repair service that they have done on other homes look like? Do they have a certain style or expertise? You don’t only need a Pathway B contractor in NJ, but you need a contractor who is going to be able to best serve your commercial property repair needs.

Pathway B Contractor

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