Building a new home is a complicated process, even more so for home builders in central New Jersey (NJ). The amount of home-building options for new homes in central NJ is enormous, with multiple moving parts to the process.

There are several people to know and manage that are involved. Creating your new luxury home takes a team of trained professionals focused on your personal needs.

There needs to be a lot of emphasis on your needs and clarity regarding your goals for your dream home. The key members of this team, will work together to make it a reality.

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Let’s take a look at who does what during the building process. This is your guide to the “who’s who” when building your central New Jersey luxury home.

Starting the Process: The Developer

Developers find and acquire land over large periods of time to create the perfect community for home builders. They create a master plan including profiles of potential homebuilders, while working with the local community to cater to their needs.

After agreeing to build a new home, the first place a developer will go is to the architect.

Your Floorplan: The Architect

When looking to build your home, you’ll be presented with a variety of floorplans with features that fall within the community’s pre-determined price range, or your own. The architect is responsible for making sure all the amenities coincide with the topography of the land and the community guidelines.

After you finalize your floorplan, you will begin working with a home building firm.

Design and Construction: Your Home Building Firm
Pay close attention to the company that you select to build your new home in central NJ. The home building firm is responsible for every phase of the design and construction. They manage the key staff and contractors that build the individual components of your home.

Your home building firm is responsible for monitoring quality and progress in the home building process. They will have you meet with several different consultants.

The Sales Consultant

No one will be a bigger expert on all the key details of your home than the sales consultant. They will have answers regarding the builder, home plans, lots, standard versus upgraded features, efficiency features, pricing and a whole lot more. They will be your home building guide.

The Designer Center Consultant

Once you’ve finalized floorplan decisions with your sales consultant, you will sign a purchase contract and work with a design center consultant. They help you select the style, color and features in your home to match your personal style.

The Construction Superintendent

A superintendent will act as the overall project manager for building your new home. The title for this personal may vary, depending on your home builder. They are a highly qualified project manager with expertise in building every phase of your new home.

He or she brings all the right people, materials, processes and inspections together to get the job done correctly and on time.

Key Trade Contractors

Several different key trade contractors will be involved, each with their own specialty. These specialties include painting, flooring, exterior siding, finish plumbing and multiple other concentrations.


Finally, inspectors will come to the construction site at least twice in the home building process to ensure that your home is completed according to the company’s quality standards.


When selecting a firm, choose one with expertise in building new homes in central NJ. With so many professionals involved, hiring a reliable firm is key.

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