You have a picture in your mind – a picture of the perfect home for you and your family. How many bedrooms you want or need, the exact design of your gourmet kitchen, the flow of your open floor plan – everything down to the color of each wall.

Building a home is a big investment of time and money. It may never seem like it’s the right time to take the leap and build your dream home. We’re here to tell you that right now may be the perfect time for you to build a New Jersey home.

You CAN Afford it

Money is a big issue here. It is certainly not cheap to build a new home but there are times where it will be cheaper – like right now. Right now, home prices, interest rates and mortgage rates are as low as they will be over the next few years. Since 2011, interest rates have steadily inched up. If you wait until next year to start your new home project, your interest rates for mortgage or construction loans could be significantly higher.

build a New Jersey home

Green Homes

Building a new home, right now, gives you the opportunity to build an energy efficient home. When you build a home instead of buy a home, everything has to be up to date on all codes and must be energy efficient. Home inspectors will even come in to make sure everything is efficient. What does this mean for you? Big savings in the future! Having an energy efficient home can save you to upward of 30 percent on utility bills compared to bills of older homes. By building now instead of buying, you could save money now and in the future.


Searching for your perfect home can be exhausting – especially when you have other family members to consider. You can go to hundreds of open houses and even put an offer on a few houses and still not have the home of your dreams. If you buy an old home, it’s probably going to need work anyway. Something will have to be changed to fit your needs. When you build a home, you don’t have this problem. This blog opened with the ideas of your dream home because that is the motivation behind building a home. By building your home, you get to create everything you’ve ever wanted from scratch.

You Build the History

When you buy an old home, you’re stepping into someone else’s life. You don’t know about the thousands of memories that were made in that home, how many furry family members lay in the back yard, the milestones that took place or how much that home meant to the family who is leaving it all behind. When you build a home, you’re starting fresh and every memory made in that home will be yours. You know everything about it from the very first layer of foundation to the very last piece of furniture put in place. Everything about it is yours.

build a New Jersey home

So what are you waiting for? Right now is the very best time to build a New Jersey home. You don’t want to wait for prices to go up. Stop wasting time looking at older homes when you can save money with a new home and build the home of your dreams.

If you’ve gone through the process of building a New Jersey home before, let us know why and how the process went in the comments. If we’ve convinced you to build a New Jersey home, let us help you get started, give us a call.